What to Expect

Prior to the initial visit, intake forms are sent out for completion. The first visit is a full hour and entails a review of the completed intake forms, a comprehensive evaluation, a review of what is recommended specifically for you, an overview of how the healing protocols work as well as a review of what is required from you in order to obtain maximum results.

Nutrition Response Testing and Restorative Endocrinology™ protocols are utilized to determine which of your glands, organs and bodily functions are not performing as they should. It also detects interference factors such as heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity and food sensitivities that are limiting the body's ability to function or heal properly. Nutrient insufficiencies are identified and specific whole food and/or herbal supplementation products are selected to provide the raw ingredients necessary for the body to heal itself. Healing needs are prioritized and a step by step healing process is initiated. Specific hormone panels or gastrointestinal tests from Diagnos-Techs labs may be recommended in addition to the in house evaluation protocols. Lab testing is also a personal choice at any time.

Nutrition Response Testing and Restorative Endocrinology™ follow up visits are thirty minutes. Most people feel some improvement immediately, but time is necessary to see the healing process through. The more healthy lifestyle choices being made and maintained, the greater support you provide to the healing process. It is vital that each individual understand the power they have over their own health. Any negative lifestyle choices will hinder your ability to heal and/or maintain wellness. It is not necessary to change all of your habits at once, nor is that encouraged. As a practitioner, I facilitate the healing process with the therapeutic techniques that I offer, share information and resources on proper food and other lifestyle choices and support you in healing and moving into a lifetime of wellness. You are the driver, in charge of your healing and wellness!

Nutritional and/or herbal programs need to be monitored and will change over the course of healing. Some individuals need weekly monitoring while others need to be seen every other, or every few weeks. Proper dietary habits and whole food supplements provide the body with the raw materials it needs to fuel the constant regenerating process of each and every cell of your body. Healing is a process that may require many months to achieve. The regeneration process of the body takes time and your healing progress will follow along with the body's own natural regeneration rhythms. There may also be many issues that need to be addressed and the body can not attend to them all at once. The monitoring process allows us to move through the body in a step by step prioritized manner to address any and all issues that need attention.

Activating a healing process can result in your body actively eliminating toxins. Drinking lots of clean water, exercising, getting enough rest and relaxation and supporting your body nutritionally helps ease the toxins out of your system gently. Some people will experience cleansing symptoms during this process, while many do not. Often, it is an increase in elimination that is most noted while other symptoms may include skin eruptions or rashes, soreness, fatigue, draining of the sinuses, etc. These issues are generally mild and dissipate quickly. Most people just feel better, but if there is any discomfort or inconvenience, often an adjustment in the healing protocols is all that is needed to restore ease and comfort to the healing process.

The body's ability to heal is truly amazing! Healing your body requires effort, commitment and perseverance. It is time and money well spent! We have only one body to take us through this life, and taking proper care of it is essential. I believe that it is the best investment you can make.

The goal of holistic treatment is to:

  • Identify and eliminate the underlying causes of physical symptoms
  • Activate the self-healing properties of the body
  • Allow the body to direct the healing process
  • Revitalize your personal health
  • Support you in maintaining ongoing wellness!

The initial visit for an adult is $75 and follow up visits are $50. Nutritional supplements are additional. While it is unfortunate that we live in a disease based society and health insurance does not provide coverage for holistic care, investing in your own health out of pocket will serve you well for many years to come! My fees are well below that of many other local holistic, natural providers and I do my best to keep my fees affordable.