About Elaine

Many years ago, I found myself in a very sorry state of health. I had always lived a fairly healthy lifestyle, but had my share of unhealthy circumstances and events. My diet was less than optimal, I did not know how to manage stress, I had a lot of dental work, had slipped the disc in my jaw and was prescribed a variety of medicines over the years. My body constantly ached, I had great difficulty sleeping, suffered from reflux and seasonal allergies and was constantly irritable. My life was wonderful, but the state of my health made it impossible for me to truly enjoy it. I was determined to find a way back to health.

My determination to find wellness led me to the solution for my own healing and the holistic approach that I now offer to others. My health has been restored and I can fully enjoy my life again! I am eternally grateful for the gift of healing and am passionately committed to helping others find their way back to health.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Health Science and have completed extensive training in Nutrition Response Testing, Restorative Endocrinology™, whole food and herbal supplementation and whole food nutrition. I am continuously learning and applying new information and techniques to my practice so that I can provide the most efficient and thorough natural healing protocols.